Organising Conferences and Symposia

The Albanian Geotechnical Society is the first organization for geotechnical engineers in Albania and is dedicated to advancing knowledge and creating opportunities for the sharing of information by practitioners in a broad range of geotechnical disciplines.

Organising international activities, conferences, symposia, workshop, etc.



2004 International Workshop : “Seismic Geotechnical” , Prof.Ementus, Prof.P.Seco e Pinto,As.ProfA.Papadimitriu, Prof.A.Frasheri, Prof.L.Bozoetc
2007 Touring Lectures , “Dams and high embankments” ,Prof. P Seco e Pinto (President of ISSMGE 2005-2008),Prof. Roger Frank, Prof I.Vanicek, Prof. I. Bukavala, Prof. A. Frasheri, Prof. L. Bozo




Geotechnical Symbosium in Balcan Region, October 2001 , “Landslides and Geo-Environment”, Prof. J.L Briaud (president of ISSMGE 2009-2013), Prof.I. Vanicek (President of Europe, ISSMGE 2009-2013), Prof.Seco e Pinto, Prof. A. Anagnostopulos, Prof. I. Manoliu, Prof. A Federiko, Prof. M. Del Prete, Prof. A Frasheri, Prof. L. Bozo

Geo-Environment and Construction European Conference, 25 – 28 November in Tirana, Albania On 26 -28 November 2015, was held in Tirana, Albania, Geo-Environment and Construction European Conference, organized by Albanian Geotechnical Society (AGS) and Polis University.

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