Bulletin No.13


Bulletin No.13 


The importance of the establishment of the study program in field of Geotechnical Engineering in Albania


Scientific Section:

Risk of damages in antenna tower foundations

MS.c Olsi Koreta

Young Geotechnical Engineers:

1-       Rural planning region – Prepared by Egi Bozo, Kejt Dhrami, Fabiola Mecaj

2-       Design and study of pile walls for protection of underground structures – Elion Lilaj
Supporting the Production:

Reinforcement of underground walls using geo-synthetic materials – Eng. Piergiorgio Recalcati, Dr.Geol.Roberto More, Eng. Altin Ahmeti

Informations /Events 2012-2013:

–          Establishment of the Albanian Academy of Art and Sciences. Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo was elected as member of this academy. During the first forum of AAAC  (April 2012) Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo presented a material titled “ The constructions in Albania and their environmental impact”

–          Publication of the first number of magazine “Academ”

–          Second forum meeting of AAAC. Discussions about the problems of higher education in Albania.

–          Jubilee events: Scientific Conference for the 100th anniversary of independence.

–          Scientific Session during the Exhibition Constructions in Albania March 2012.

Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo : “ The importance of geotechnical investigations in the construction quality”

S. Allkja:”The importance of laboratory tests in the construction quality”

–          September 2012: The First Albanian Congress on Roads (Geotechnical and Transport Infrastructure – Prof.Dr Luljeta Bozo, S. Allkja, K. Cela)

–          Albanian Geotechnical Society became a member of ISRM (International Society of Rock Mechanics).Members of ISRM from AGS are: Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo, Dr.Enver Doda, Geol.Skender Allkja, MSc Ervin Paci, Eng. Laureta Sharra, MSc. Erion Bukaci, MSc. Olsi Koreta, MSc.Erdi Myftaraga

–          At Polis University, the first  graduating students in Urban and Environment Planning for the first time in Albania

–          Informations about different  programs of study related with Environment at Polis University

–          Participations with papers in 22nd Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (MSc Olsi Koreta, MSc Erdi Myftaraga, MSc Ani Kosho)

–          Participation in the 7th Asian Young Geotechnical Engineer Conference, Tokushima Japan, MSc Erdi Myftaraga

–          New books in field of Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Geotechnical for Transport Engineering, L. Bozo, 208pg
  • Soil testing (experimental geotechnics), L.Bozo, 230pg
  • Gravity Bearing Walls, L. Bozo, E. Doda,250 pg
  • Proceedings of the First Albanian Congress on Roads.

–          International Workshop organized by ALTEA Geostudio, Albania Geotechnical Society and Faculty of Civil Engineering.(Research project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European

–          Community).Participants with Lectures from AGS: Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo, Skender Allkja

–          Celebration of the 70th anniversary of Prof. Dr Luljeta Bozo

–          Publications of papers from AGS members:

  • Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Area of Kallmet in Lezha District – Oltion Marko,Alfred Lako, Entela Cobani
  • Slope stability of entrance of Murriz Tunel- Ervin Paci, Arben Dervishaj, Hektor Cullufi
  • Comparative probabilistic analysis of bearing capacity formulae for shallow foundations using Monte –Carlo simulation – Olsi Koreta, Erdi Myftaraga
  • Influence of uncertainties on rock slope stability – Erdi Myftaraga