Mission and Objectives

The AGS is a non-profit scientific association supported by the fees of the members and open for new members that are interested in geotechnical engineering or in any other field related with it. The main objectives and purposes of the Society are:

  • To encourage teaching, research, and advancement of knowledge in Geotechnical Engineering

  • To encourage national and international collaboration and exchange of ideas and information between engineers, practitioners, students etc.

  • To offer continuous training and qualifications of young engineers and specialists.

  • Publications and promotions of studies, papers and different research in geotechnical field.

  • To cooperate with other international scientific associations.

  • To support young engineers, professional and technical initiatives throughout the field of geotechnics.

The main activities carried out by the Society in order to achieve its objectives are:

  • To participate in International Congresses and Conferences

  • To hold Regional Symposia, organised by the Society and collaborators

  • To publish the bulletin “Gjeoteknika” with the studies and papers from members and researchers.

  • To offer training for young engineers and specialists in different aspects of geotechnical engineering

  • Etc.

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